Bitspiration Festival 2015. Where technology, startups & music clash to inspire revolutionary solutions.


We are happy to announce that StartUp Hub Poland became Community Partner of this great event! Because of that we would like to invite you to meet there!

Bitspiration Festival is a place where people from the Internet, music, startup and biotechnology industries meet up to share the most current knowledge and tips on how to make businesses more efficient by implementing new technologies. This year the focus is on the modern revolution in the biotechnological, startup and music industry.

For whom?

  • Startups- Bitspiration is a really good place to start. They offer plenty of worthwhile people to meet and expose your business while pitch sessions, networking & promoting!
  • Investors- At Bitspiration you will meet high-end experts who will help you to assess whether the startup that you like is worth your money or not. You will meet people who can tell if you are dealing with the next Google or Facebook. And of course you will meet all great ideas and people who are worth investing in!
  • Enthusiasts- Get inspired and absorb as many knowledge as it is possible! Meet interesting people, start networking, maybe get a new job and… have fun!’

You can read more about bitspiration HERE

And register HERE with -20% DISCOUNT! Discount code: startuphubpoland_20

See you there!

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