How to Apply

How to apply to Startup Hub Warsaw technology incubator in 7 steps:

1. Project application on Startup Hub Warsaw website

Get introduced to us by describing your technological idea, what are you currently working on and what are your plans. Fill out our online form to let us start a closer analysis of the project. Add a short video about yourself, your team and your idea .

2. Preliminary analysis

First we will get a closer look on your technology, the problem it is going to solve and a scale of the market. It will take no longer then a working week to get back to you with information and further questions.

3. Video interview and first coffee

After getting more familiar with the project we would be glad to arrange a meeting to introduce ourselves and meet you and your team. It will usually be an online video call when we can talk about the project and cooperation with Startup Hub Warsaw.

4. Technological, legal and market analysis

Within the next two weeks we will be searching for the answers to some specific questions about your project, which will allows us to better understand its legal and business environment as well as technological and intellectual property nuances.

5. Preliminary R&D and business development plan

Before we will be ready to kick off the mutual project we will brain-storm with your team to gather all ideas about future key steps in R&D and business development strategy to define the possible ways of bringing technology to the market.

6. Investment Committee decision

As soon as we get all of the necessary information and you decide to come to Poland, we will recommend a project for approval to our Investment Committee. You will receive a term sheet to write your expectations.

7. Signing an agreement

Within the two weeks since the Committee says “GO!” we will negotiate and sign an agreement providing initial project funding in the preincubation phase, which will precede the further investment agreement.

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