• Created an unique technology for elimination of pathogens in soft drinks with minimal change of vitamins and microelements levels.
  • Huge and growing target market in food and drinks industrial equipment

Cavinnova develops a food industry processing line with device for homogenization and pasteurization of soft drinks with the use of cavitation process, a phenomenon involving the sudden change in fluidal pressure. Cavinnova’s technology preserves the original nutritional value and taste of drinks and food, and at the same time greatly increases their shelf-life.



  • Security and hacking protection solution coming from Romanian and Polish market.
  • Hardware and software combined to better protection of complete IT systems in-house at corporations.
  • Fresh approach to hacking issues.

Cyber Fog aims at development of a cyber security system through imitation of real-life machine operations in a great number of virtual machines. Such idea of virtual mirroring will be similar to the real IT environment. Any cyber attacker will have a dramatic increase of uncertainty in his/her break-in efforts . Cyber Fog’s idea is based on a hardware platform that is able to detect any attack before hackers reach to the real computer network (production environment), with a multiple applications in cyber security solutions for IoT.



  • First industry-scale producer of insect-based proteins for sustainable feed production.
  • Global oriented, unique know-how.
  • Fast expanding business and customers relations.

HiProMine produces proteins from insects and converts them into a fodder and feed additives for animals, and as a potential source of proteins in human nutrition. The company developed technology for automated cultivation and processing system of insects and opened the first-in-the-world industrial scale production of insect-based proteins.



  • World-class healthcare solution developed in Poland and the US.
  • Polish-American team focused on the promising augmented reality applications in healthcare (computer-aided surgery procedures).
  • Technology developed with targeted multi-use in selected surgical treatment areas.

Holo Surgical develops software for 3D navigation in spine surgery applications. The software processes in real-time images obtained with standard medical devices (CT, X-Ray, MRI, etc.) into a 3D model of the patient’s anatomy allowing mutual positioning of the patient and medical instruments in the operating field. The 3D model is displayed on the screen placed over the patient’s body, and ultimately on the glasses for augmented reality.



  • Life-saving technology solving problem of a growing blood demand for use in clinical surgeries and/or in blood loss incidents
  • In vivo testing phase of an innovative approach of oxygen transportation in living organisms.

NanoSanguis develops a sustainable substitute of red blood cells. The final product will have the form of a slime in perfluorocarbon shell with a diameter less than 6 microns and can be used in a number of blood-loss related situations (hospital surgeries, pre-transfusion situations, organs transportation).


  • Promising early phase outcomes in new approach to oncological diagnostics with use of nanoparticles.
  • Creation of new tool in fight against cancer.

NanoThea develops an oncology diagnostics technology with the idea of encapsulating radioactive isotopes in dextran-based nanoparticles. Thanks to this technology, the phenomenon of half-time decay of isotopes creates an effective radiopharmaceutical which will detect any scattered cancer cells in a human body undergoing the PET scanning procedure.



  • State-of-the-art device for reduction of water use in oil extraction (eco-friendly solution).
  • Growing demand for technologies in oil extraction at challenging conditions on oil fields.

Vortex Oil Engineering develops devices for the treatment of water used in extraction of oil in oil deposits with water-flooding technology. The water used to pump the deposit can be reused after cleaning and restoration of its physic-chemical features. Due to the mechanical method of operation, cleaning is carried out in a cheaper and more ecological way.



  • First advanced Energy demand management company in CEE (demand side response).
  • Well-targeted customers base and growing sales’ pipeline.
  • Energy efficiency – consumption reduced by 25%

The company’s goal is to offer customers a fully fledged DSR (Demand Side response) IT tool, which allows to shift electricity consumption off the daily peaks in energy demand. VVPlant’s solution is a natural extension  to its energy efficiency management systems designed for large civil and utility buildings (based on controlling the HVAC systems and self-learning algorithms).





New round of seed funding is to be opened this year. Stay tuned!

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