Technology Focus

Our mission is to support development of break through technological ideas from the CEE region

Our imagination and interest covers any technology and business solution that:

– solves real-existing problems and needs in a disruptive way
– in particular, solves societal challenges and increases sustainable use of resources
– is feasible
– has a prospect for a global expansion
– is being developed by an energetic, creative and eager to learn team

Our technology focus:

Agricultural and Food Production Innovation

– Biotechnology in agriculture
– Food processing
– Innovative food distribution channels
– Using information technologies to support the management of animal farms and plant nurseries
– Automatics and robotics in agriculture

Biotechnology and Medical Devices

New Materials and Nanotechnology

Information Technology

– Big data
– Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, algorithms
– Knowledge management

Internet and Mobile Technology

– Internet of Things
– Mobile technologies in industrial applications
– Corporate mobility



Research team

– A unique knowledge in a particular area
– Ambitious
– Independent thinking
– Challenging

After starting a company by a research team we will expect it to be:

– Complete businesswise: having financial, business, and technology person on board
– Visionary
– Solution driven
– Tolerant to failure

Technology and product characteristics

– Giving a solution to a real need
– Unique and innovative
– Scalable
– Going global from inception

The amount of investment:

up to € 1.7 m


StartVenture@Poland Incubator and Giza Polish Venture fund take minority shares in a company.

Supervisory Board:

One or two seats on the Supervisory Board, thus providing support and advice to portfolio companies.

Investment horizon:

2-3 years


Preferred methods for exits are sale to a strategic or financial investor.

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