§ 1.

Definitions used in the following regulations mean:

  1. “Application form” – application form available at, and and submitted via this webpage;
  2. “Grant” – financial support for the Participants realizing 3 different Projects chosen by the Committee during the “Startup Hub Warsaw 2017” Acceleration Program;
  3. „Prize” – one of three Grants givent to the Program laureates: PLN 50.000,00 for the first place, PLN 30.000,00 for the second place, PLN 20.000,00 for the third place.
  4. “Supplementary Grant” – additional financial or material support for the Participant realizing Project chosen by the Partner of the Program;
  5. “Mentor” – a natural person cooperating with the Organizer and invited by tchem with expert knowledge, who prepares Participants for business venture commercialization and development in Warsaw;
  6. Organizer” – Startup Hub Poland Foundation;
  7. “Main Partner” – the Capital City of Warsaw;
  8. “Partner” – organization supporting the program on basis of agreement or letter of intent;
  9. “Program” – Warsaw Acceleration Program “Startup Hub Warsaw 17”;
  10. “Mentorship Program” – program preparing substantively for business ventures’ commercialization and development;
  11. „Phase 60” – phase of the Program to which qualified will be 60 most prospective Projects submitted to SHW17, meeting both formal and substantive conditions of participation;
  12. “Phase 30” – phase of the Program to which qualified will be 30 Projects with the most potential among “Phase 60” participants;
  13. “Project” – solutions, which are innovative and competitive to present solutions, from areas related to information or creative technology, realized by an entrepreneur;
  14. “Regulations” – following set of regulations;
  15. “Participant” – an entity which meets conditions mentioned in §3 of the Regulations, who validly submitted the Application Form, represented during the Program by a person or persons identifiable with the Project, particularly a project leader, Partner of the company subject to commercial law, key employee or a Project associate.


 § 2.

  1. The Program’s goal is to support and develop innovative projects using development opportunities available in Warsaw by means of participating in the Program and the Mentorship Program and providing the Grant as a financial support to the Participants realising Projects chosen by the Committee.
  2. Duration of the SHW 17 Program is from 1.06.2017 – 30.12.2017.
  3. Program is carried out in Warsaw for local entrepreneurs (having their business entity registered in Warsaw) and entrepreneurs from outside the city, who are running their business activity or its part in Masovian Voivodeship, and with regard to the Program they plan to organise their business activity or its part in Warsaw or Mazovia, with particular emphasis on entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe (including Poland) and Polish diaspora centers, who prove they are running a business entity.
  4. Program is directed especially to entrepreneurs developing technologies or business projects in areas related to information technologies, particularly such as computer games components, AR/VR, artificial intelligence and “bots”, cybersecurity, machine learning, algorithms and big data processing, mobile applications and e-commerce projects, design and marketing technologies (“mar-tech” and “fashion-tech”).
  5. The following regulations determine rules of the Program realisation.
  6. Participation in the Program is equivalent with Participant’s acceptance of the Rules. Applying to the Program, the Participants obliges to obey the Rules and acknowledges fulfilling all the conditions of participation at the Program.
  7. Participant realising the Project having the most economic and innovative potential according to the Committee will be awarded the Grant of PLN 50.000,00 (fifty thousand) gross for the first place.
  8. Additionally, two other Projects chosen by the Committee will be awarded two grants for the second and the third place amounting to PLN 30.000,00 (thirty thousand) and PLN 20.000,00 (twenty thousand).


§ 3

  1. Program’s Participant can be an entrepreneur running a business activity, particularly a company subject to commercial operating entirely or partially in Warsaw or Masovia.A Participant has to be from Poland or abroad, with full capability to legal actions. Natural persons not running a business activity and not acting towards initiating one cannot participate in the Program, or those not able to prove their acting within, with the agreement, or on behalf of registered business activity realising given Project.
  2. Excluded from the participation in Program are those who:
    1. are or were in the employment relationship with the Organizer within 12 months preceding the last day of the Program;
    2. provided paid services for the Organizer within 12 months preceding the last day of the Program;
    3. are or were a member of the management board or board of directors of the Organizer within 3 years preceding the last day of the Program.
    4. are or were a partner, founder, shareholder or stockholder of the Organizer within 3 years preceding the last day of the Program.
    5. one is married or in a relationship or is a family member, or next of kin up to the second degree or is bound by adoption, custody, guardianship relation to any Partner’s employee.
  1. Aforementioned rule applies also to groups of natural persons, of which at least one meets criteria indicated in the previous paragraph and to legal persons, of which at least one person meeting those criteria is a member of the management board, board of directors or is a partner, founder, shareholder or stockholder or benefits from this legal person’s profits in any other way.



  1. The organizer will accept applications submitted via electronic Application Form on, or or in other form accepted by the Organizer which permits to submit relevant information to the Organizer.
  2. Application to the Program should be done before the deadline mentioned in § 6.
  3. Application submitted in a manner specified in the following paragraph results in admission to the initial evaluation, mentioned in § 7.
  4. Information submitted to the Organizer is the basis of Project evaluation. 


  1. All the materials submitted to the Organizer are not to be returned.
  2. Information about the Project and contact details submitted by the Participants will be subject to data processing by the Organizer in the manner necessary for the Program successful realisation. Aforementioned data will not be revealed to third parties excluding chosen by the Organizer analysts, experts, Mentors and Organizer’s team members, essential to Project evaluation and qualification. Information about chosen projects can be presented to industrial partners involved in the Program.
  3. Contact details and information about the Project may be subject to a control by entitled public authorities.
  4. Participant is responsible for providing valid and up-to-date information in the Application Form.
  5. Organizer and Partners reserve the right to verify information submitted in the Application Form.
  6. Submitting an innovative Project to the Program, Participants declares that all the rights to the Project deriving from Polish law or other countries’ laws (especially copyright laws, industrial property law and other intellectual property laws), are owned by him or the team he represents and the Project is the Participant’s idea, it does not infringe third parties’ rights, rules of protection of classified information, is not encumbered with constraints, third parties’ rights including property rights, pledges or other charges and claims, in particular, guarantees or other security on account of their obligations. Should any aforementioned right be entitled to a third party, Participant is obliged to indicate such person and provide their consent for Participants attendance at the Program in writing.
  7. Participants realising Projects (not more than 4 Participants per one Project) chosen by the Committee presenting considerable innovation potential will be invited to participate in the Mentorship Program. Participation in the Mentorship Program will be free of charge. A condition of participation will be an agreement between Participant and Organizer.
  8. Participants agree to be recorded as Participant of the Program by the Organizer and using the resulting material to promote Organizer’s City, SHW17 Program, the Participant and the Project.


§ 6.

  1. Excluding preparational phase of organisational nature, the Program will consist of stages proceeding in the following periods:
    1. Recruitment phase lasting from 2017-06-19 to 2017-07-28.
    2. Qualification phase lasting from 2017-07-31 to 2017-08-03.
    3. Training phase of acceleration (“Phase 60”) lasting from 2017-08-04 to 2017-09-01.
    4. Mentoring phase of acceleration (“Phase 30”), with the finale on DemoDay, lasting from 2017-09-04 to 2017-12-04. DemoDay will take place in the last days of this phase, and its specific date will be announced on Organizer’s websites.
    5. Initial duration assessment phase lasting from 2017-12-05 to 2017-12-30.
  1. The final phase of the substantive program (“Phase 30”) consisting of a series of substantive meetings with experts matched by the Organizer to the Project and preparations to the presentations of acceleration results of projects qualified for the third phase (DemoDay)
  2. Selection of the Projects, which will receive the Grants (Prizes) and facultatively, depending on Partner’s decision, possible Supplementary Prizes, shall take place on Demo Day. The announcement of the Program results will take place on the DemoDay.
  3. Organizer reserves right to demand from Participants additional information about the Project in order to complete formal deficiencies of the application or analysis parameters with information necessary for further qualification and the right to end the recruitment before deadline mentioned in §6 Section 1 letter after number of applications reaches 350. In case of such event Organizer will inform about it on and websites.
  4. During the Project evaluation, Committee appointed by the Organizer will be relying with particular emphasis on following criteria:
    1. Level of innovation and competitiveness of the technology or business model.
    2. Predicted potential for technology commercialization.
    3. Competency of the Project team.
    4. Legal structure of the intellectual and industrial proprietorship not raising any doubts, or clear possibility of its establishment.
    5. Forecasted necessity for financial expenses for further technology development.
    6. Scalability of the profits or the Company’s or Project’s value in Poland and abroad.
  5. There is no appeal from the Committee’s decision

In case of not sending required information, evaluation of the Project will be carried out based on information provided by the Participant or the Project will be rejected in case of formal deficiencies of the application.


§ 7.

  1. Initial evaluation relies on verification of the Project submission compatibility with the Regulations, especially assurance that:
    1. Submission was made by Application Form or other method accepted by the Organizer;
    2. In the Application Form all the required information were provided;
    3. Submission was made in time mentioned in §6;
  1. Initial evaluation of Project submitted to the Program is performed by persons chosen by the Organizer.
  2. Initial evaluation of the Project is made based on the information provided by Participants at submission of the Project and optionally based on additional information provided according to §6 section 2. of the Regulations.
  3. Evaluation of Projects submitted to the Program is aimed to determine Projects with the most commercialization potential.
  4. Evaluation of the Projects in stages mentioned in §6 section 1. will be performed by the Committee consisting of:
  1. Organizer’s representative or representatives
  2. Main Partner’s representative or representatives
  3. Partners’ representative or representatives
  4. Chosen Mentors



  1. Participants realizing Projects qualified to the third phase of the Program will be invited to DemoDay for a short presentation of their Project, however:
    1. Presentations will take place at the conference main stage,
    2. Recordings (or links to the recordings) of the presentation will be uploaded to Program’s webpage,
    3. Time of each presentation should not exceed 5 minutes.
  1. Results of the Program will be announced during the final in Warsaw at the end of “Phase 30”.
  2. Results of the Program will also be published on, and other webpages chosen by the Organizer.



    1. Organizer has right to award 3 financial grants – Main Grant of the first place, and Grants for the second and the third place.
    2. The Main Grant is a funding amounting to PLN 50.000,00 (fifty thousand złoty) which will be transferred to a corporate bank account appointed by the Participants realizing Project the Grant was awarded to. In exchange for the Grant, the Organizer shall not acquire any right in respect to Participant to whom it has been awarded.
    3. The same rules, excluding Grant’s value, which amount to PLN 30.000,00 (thirty thousand złoty) and PLN 20.000,00 (twenty thousand złoty), apply to Grants for the second and the third place in the contest.
  1. The Grant should be allotted for Project development, which can be demanded by Organizer to be executed in Warsaw.
  2. The payment of the amount of Grant is conditional to running or establishing economic activity in Warsaw
  3. Receiving the award is conditional to being personally present at the final of the Program.
  4. Receiving the award is conditional to subjecting to initial duration assessment.



  1. Decision on eventual awarding Supplementary Grant may be taken by  chosen Partner’s of the Programat their own discretion. For the avoidance of doubt, it is precised that the Partners have no obligation to award the Supplementary Grant and the Organizer is not responsible for its allocation
  2. The actual list of eventual Supplementary Grants funded by Partners will be  available at and  
  3. The Supplementary Grants, if awarded, shall be handed over to laureates by persons appointed by each of the Partners during a gala gracing the Demo Day.
  4. The award of Supplementary Grant is conditional to presence on Demo Day.
  5. Supplementary Grant should be allotted for the needs of the Project.



  1. Participants bear responsibility for the Regulations infringement towards the Organizer by general rules.
  2. In case of providing false information by the Participants, they can be demanded to return the Grant or Supplementary Grant by the Organizer or the Partner in full amount within 3 (three) days since the admonition.
  3. Participants oblige to participate conscientiously in the Program, to participate in the workshops and homework. With regard to Organizer’s obligations towards the Capital City of Warsaw, basing on scrupulous execution of the Program’s numerical targets, unexcused by the Organizer absence of attendance at more than 2 substantive sessions may result in imposing financial penalties in the amount of up to PLN 1,000 on the entrepreneur in accordance with the agreement signed with the Participant.



  1. Regulations come into force on the day of announcement.
  2. In cases not considered by the Regulations only rules of Polish law are applied, especially the civil code.
  3. Regulations are available at, and at the Organizer’s headquarters.
  4. Organizer reserves the right to change the Regulations, although the changes have to be published at the website.
  5. All detailed information about the Program can be found at the website and and via email address [].
  6. Organizer and Partners do not cover or reimburse costs related to participation in the Program, especially costs of transport, accommodation and nourishment.
  7. These regulation has been affected in one language version (Polish) and may be translated in a corresponding form to English, however, the Polish version shall prevail.

These regulations have been announced on 16.06.2017 and updated on 11.07.2017