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of 2018 and 2019

3D Motion Controls
A wireless controller for 3D CAD and BIM software from Poland.
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AI-aided analytics software for Industrial IoT and Big Data form Russia.
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Nanoscale 3D printers from Denmark.
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A tool for automating design hand-off workflow from the Czech Republic.
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Solutions based on biomicrogels from Russia.
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The autonomous building management system from Germany.
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Dynamic Air Cooling
Effective and environmentally friendly cooling systems from the Czech Republic.
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A developer of the "Smart Eye" system to prevent road accidents registered in Spain.
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Game Tree
An application for finding gaming friends and building strong teams developed in Ukraine.
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An innovative diagnostic device from Poland.
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A tool for gathering all building documentation form Austria.
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Hyper Poland
Developers of the hyperloop, a new means of transport, from Poland.
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An online identity verification system from Lithuania.
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An application to pre-diagnose, triage, and connect patients with medical services developed in Poland.
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Maroma Technologies
Cermet materials and components for severe conditions from Russia.
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Laava Tech
New and cost-effective lighting solutions from Estonia.
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Neuron Soundware
Diagnostic technology for early detection of broken machines from the Czech Republic.
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An educational application for personalized learning developed in Poland.
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OBF Technologies
A technology for pollution-free and fuel-saving burning process from Latvia.
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Construction site management software form Latvia.
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A system for contract creation with an easy way to sign documents from Poland.
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An AI system that finds freelance jobs with the greatest chances to be hired developed in Ukraine.
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Software that changes digital images into 3D spatial data created in Lithuania.
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PowerUp Fuel Cells OÜ
A producer of green hydrogen fuel cell-based electrical generators from Estonia.
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A system that addresses the challenges of logistics coordinators at construction sites created in Poland.
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Relate Data
A consolidated big data platform for network monitoring and cybersecurity from the United Kingdom.
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Scan and Buy
SaaS Digital solution for offline retail from Belarus.
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A fully automated service-hailing application created on Blockchain developed in the United States.
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Smart Vent
Cloud-based software for building management from Estonia.
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A system that matches multispectral satellite imagery to artificial intelligence from the United Kingdom.
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Developers of energy efficiency turbogenerator unit from Belarus.
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Developers of the energy harvester form Lithuania.
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Walter's Cube
A software that digitized exhibitions in world-class galleries and institutions developed in Hungary.
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An AI-based business messenger from the United States.
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An Internet of things platform and data marketplace from the Netherlands.
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