Supporting 200 female business leaders!

We help aspiring female entrepreneurs and founders from the most dynamic startups to transform their entrepreneurial skills and build sustainable businesses in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond.

 Welcome to The Energeia Project!


The Energeia Project: Transforming Female Entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe” is an entrepreneurship program supporting a community of female founders from Ukraine, Poland, and Hungary who seek to make an impact in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond by developing their skills and ideas.    

Location: The program is ONLINE. You can however meet us in Senatoska 2, Warsaw, Poland

Email: sofia [.] drobychevskaya [at] startuphub [.] pl




We believe that talented women deserve to be heard for their ideas and early-stage businesses.

In our 3-stage program, 200 participants will join a community of practice for aspiring female entrepreneurs and attend webinars, entrepreneurship training sessions, and meetings with experts from the U.S., Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary.

In the next phase, 16 participants will be invited to take part in a free, tailor-made acceleration program.

The competitive acceleration program will result in a cash prize for one winning participant to further support their ideas. The Energeia Project is funded by the Nasdaq Foundation, global advocates of female talent and entrepreneurship.

Meet our mentors

Business Leaders of CEE within your reach

For every startupper, it is essential to connect with experienced veterans: people who not only have the knowledge and skills to support your success, but who can also inspire and help focus your attention on the most pressing issues.

Criticism is fuel for every early-stage business. If you prove you know how to respond to it, your mentor will likely open doors to you, share insights and advice, and even make introductions across their valuable networks.

Energeia (greek: ἐνέργειᾰ) is the theme of our program. Aristotle used the word to describe the realization of potential, which every founder and pioneer seeks. Over two thousand years later, the expression speaks to the most essential attributes of every founder and pioneer: hard work and proactiveness.

Energeia is also the common denominator of our mentors. Show your pro-activity and enlight our exterts. 

Paulina Brym-Ciuba

Paulina Brym-Ciuba

CEO in Startup Hub Poland

Victoria Umanska

Victoria Umanska

Founder in Servive

Anna Magiera

Anna Magiera

Partner in IClub

Noemi Marencsák

Noemi Marencsák

Founder at Womenpreneur, Innovation addict

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