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Startup Hub Warsaw full of stars!

The biggest startup recruitment of a year is over. The first hot-projects list is ready to be announced!

Warsaw, 03.08.2016



Dear Friends of Warsaw,

Dear rising stars of high-tech scene!

The amount of work we had while cumulating and analyzing over 500 projects was almost overwhelming. It was an amazing trip at the same time. We love to watch, when next to Polish projects appear technologies run by excellent teams from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia and all over our favourite region of Central-Eastern Europe. Now imagine how big enthusiasm you have evoked in our team when late at night somebody has been woken up with the notification from Kenya, Israel, Columbia, Iran or Zimbabwe!

500+ graf

It is a middle of the night again when we come back to you with the fresh list of 20 hottest concepts, most disruptive ideas and mind-blowing technologies.

Tomorrow we will start approach you to confirm whether you are ready to join us 17-26 in Warsaw. We still consider few projects more to join the list, projects that don’t let us sleep. We need to rethink our and SHW mentors capacities in order to invite more than 20 teams.

For now we are clear we want to see you guys in town [random order].

[updated: together with partners we decided to extend the list to some extra projects which have significant business potential and proved their interest in Warsaw:]

  • Pelvifly
  • Numeral
  • B2bcall
  • NEO-Ecology
  • Myhelix
  • DSpot
  • ChatBottle
  • Limpid Armor
  • Luciding
  • Bee Dynamics
  • Retina Disorders Detector
  • Deskdoo
  • LGM
  • Hotailor
  • JL Robotics
  • Wandlee
  • Technovator
  • TediBerry
  • PKRM
  • Klotzky
  • BIN-E
  • Soundly
  • Lovely
  • uBirds
  • Tap4parking
  • HussarTech
  • DataCompass Observer
  • Ada
  • SiDLY Care
  • Retail Bonus Platform
  • Recognizer

Building future to our industries and societies is never a fully accomplished mission. Investors and corporate partners associated to Startup Hub Warsaw are determined to look beyond a short list and we are here to assist.

Have a dreamful night under such a starry sky!

StartUp Hub Poland

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