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Startup Hub: The Prize


Currently, we bring Startup Hub Poland goals into life by providing expertise in commercialization process and cash for technological projects at the early stages of development.

Till the end of 2019 we offer a financial support through Startup Hub: Poland Prize (The Prize) programme managed in strategic partnership with Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and supported by the Polish Oil & Gas Company (PGNIG). This year we will increase the scope of our support in order to identify the best technologies and finance 24 best ones.

We also provide scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs from the CEE Region with a support by arranging their visa to Poland and helping with a “soft landing”.



Startup Hub Poland helped over 150 companies to find their way to very competitive markers via top VCs in Poland and abroad. We provide mentors-practitioners support and smart non-equity granting R&D directly to your newly established company in Poland. You can continue it by an investment from our associated investment funds and attract public grants from the i.e. the Polish Development Fund, Regional Funds as well as the National Centre for Research and Development.

Learn 7 areas of our support:

1. Exploring commercialization potential and creating a business strategy

We prepare a detailed technology analysis and assess its business potential: the scale of the market, legal and regulation conditions, assessment of competitive technologies. Our support also includes the development of a commercialization strategy and a tailored R&D plan necessary for its realization.

2. Preparing an IP protection strategy

We help create an IP strategy that is able to provide a comprehensive legal protection of a technology during the commercialization process on regional and global markets. IP protection of a new technology is crucial both for bringing it to the marketplace and finding a private investor willing to finance its development.

3. Building a research and business team

Once you decide to continue your R&D in Poland and take the first steps in commercializing your technology,  here we will introduce you to scientists and professionals that may help bring your project to life. We will also help to shape a business team – if needed – to lead a commercialization strategy.

4. Providing pre-seed funding

Startup Hub: The Prize can distribute to your startup €50.000 for initial experimental verification of critical technology and business features, creating an IP strategy and commercialization business plan. We can cover your first months’ costs of your stay in Poland. You land soft and focus on discovering new startup community, and we can take care of formalities and cover yours and your startup cost according to agreed commercialization plan.

5. Starting a company and VC relations

We assist you in starting a company in Poland by preparing legal documentation in IP transfer, investment structure and providing necessary advice during the process. As soon as a new company is started it can be backed by €250 000 of seed financing for further R&D and business development provided by our proven VC partners in Poland and beyond.

6. Business development support

The first day your own company will start to operate in the EU, we will use our ideas, local and international network to accelerate your company by supporting you in finding partners, test clients, R&D associates and further investors so you can feel more comfortable with bringing your business and R&D plan to life.

7. Travel & accommodation support

If you come from outside the Schengen Area we provide with obtaining a long-term visa and experiencing a “soft landing” after your arrival. Once you arrive we’ll be ready to help with legal matters concerning the stay as well as introduce you to the local community of scientists, technology professionals, and entrepreneurs – everything to make you feel comfortable with your EU journey.

Strategic partners of the project are:

Polish Oil and Gas Company ( and InnVento (

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