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Warsaw welcomes best high-techs again

Once again best startups will come accelerate in Warsaw. The first hot-projects list is ready to be announced!

Warsaw, 03.08.2017

Dear Friends of Warsaw,

Dear rising stars of high-tech scene!

We start with this invocation again. And we are proud for this déjà vu!

In 2016 Startup Hub Warsaw has summoned 500 projects application. Such a huge call effected with a great fruits: Wandlee, a chat-bot startup powerhouse has won 30k PLN and, along other finalists, huge attention of VSs. Today Wandlee is an exclusive Polish partner for chatbots in Facebook Messenger.

This year we have focused solely on incorporated startups rooted in ICT technologies and creative industries. This year we set a lockup on a level of 350 project… and reached over 360. A huge potential of cyber-tech, AR, VR, e-commerce, machine learning and cloud-tech made our experts and partners torn. We have finally invite a group of 60 best startups. The awaiting list is also full of talents. We still consider few projects more to join the list, projects that don’t let us sleep (and that don’t sleep themselves). We need to rethink our and SHW17 mentors capacities in order to invite more than 60 best teams.

For now we are clear we want to see you, startup squadron in Warsaw [random order].

  • Perkspotting
  • Hypermiles
  • Haxon ID BANK
  • Datarino
  • Born Electric
  • Hector24
  • Modsly
  • Bisonte
  • Activy
  • G-Band
  • Onemeter
  • Mamoko Technologies
  • Parrotone
  • Rebug.Io
  • Virthu
  • Getanna
  • Bringy
  • Tap To Speak
  • Instytut Wyobraźni
  • Smartcart
  • Phoneid
  • Lokalny
  • IC Solutions
  • Visual Medicine
  • Haptic Systems
  • Oculesis
  • Cryptomage
  • Smart Schedules
  • Acomoeye
  • Refoldit
  • Game Vu
  • NOA
  • Run Like Hero
  • Zenodys
  • Gelatex Technologies
  • HOBNOB.Pro
  • Ultrasound Bracelet
  • Neosound
  • Ridelo
  • First11
  • Querona
  • Codehabit
  • Kabanchik
  • Dentem
  • Nuadu
  • Spatial.One
  • Noatech
  • Vrscopy
  • Ehwin
  • Rabbitgames
  • 1mphone
  • Bioo
  • Beetrip
  • Blogory
  • Callpage
  • Wave Powered Desalination Plant
  • Placeme
  • Synclab
  • Sound Object Technology
  • Fashion History Now
  • Inmotion Labs
  • Enegive
  • M-Health

Investors and corporate partners associated to Startup Hub Warsaw 17 are looking to see you at the organisational-drill meeting om August 10th in Centrum for Creativity Targowa. In Warsaw!

Good night… and walk up early!

StartUp Hub Warsaw team

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