top Armenian startups

to EU business & investors

with Warsaw as the doorway


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our mission – your gains

Armenia becomes the European powerhouse of high-tech solutions. As it was crucial for Polish innovative ecosystem to get exposure on international markets to attract new investors,  we want now to prevent that this new Armenian boom went unnoticed. Armenian startups have talent, skills and quality. Yerevan-Warsaw Startup Parquet aims in fine tuning and showcasing most promising Armenian endeavors to let them shine not only locally, but also abroad

And enable startups, VCs, accelerators and corporations from both ecosystem to create and strengthen new bonds

Why Poland? Why Warsaw?

The biggest economy of CEE

Warsaw as the spot for global companies regional HQs

130 VC funds (USD 1 bn. in ticiets)

Vivid stock exchange

CEE richest non-equ grants 


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The Startup Hub Poland Foundation has been building the startup ecosystem in Poland & CEE for 10 years now. To date, we have incubated, accelerated and scaled about 200 Polish and international startups. The foundation has relied on three critical pillars to achieve this success.

Its extended team of 25+ mentors & consultants with top quality international education and experience. Its strong connections with 50+ corporates, most of whom are multinationals with their CEE HQs in Poland. And, its longstanding partnerships with 70+ Polish and international VC partners.

In the past two years alone, Startup Hub Poland has helped 100+ international startups successfully expand to Poland and the region, with a majority of them having struck deals with the foundation’s corporate and VC partners.

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