Startup Hub Poland is building the international startup ecosystem with Poland at the center. We provide a platform for startups who not only use an outstanding technology but also operate within the sustainable business model. We bring diversity to high-tech innovations. And all that we are doing because our mission is to make Poland the best innovation hub in the world where startups work with corporate.

Soft landing support

We support international startups in starting a company in Poland, by preparing legal documentation and providing all the necessary advice during the registration process and by helping them in getting financial resources later in the process.

Acceleration and mentorship

We create a tailor-made path for each startup where they can also gain knowledge from the best experts, so that they become smart entrepreneurs who are able to build strong team and sustainable business.

Networking tie-ups

We value people, their know-how and experiences, the most, therefore since 2012 we are committed to build the community of disruptive technologies where corporate and public organizations are involved.

Facilitating technological
development since 2012

We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to create an innovation hub by bringing together prominent Polish and foreign inventors, entrepreneurs and scientists from all over the world.

programs for international startups since 2016

countries of applications' origin submitted in 2019

applications only for the Startup Hub: Poland Prize

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