The project is co-financed by the Governments of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable
regional cooperation in Central Europe.

About the V4 FireSide Chat

This program for startups from the V4 countries is dedicated to the pre-seed and seed stage high-tech projects. Thanks to V4FireSideChat startup get better prepared for working with international investors! 

V4 FireSide Chat (2023) was the first online program that invited startups from the CEE region to expose the quality of the Visegrad Region innovativness to the world. During V4FSC selected startups had a chance to gain hands-on experience tghrough mentoring, meetings with investors and demodays (4).

In every chapter 10 participating startups have expanded their knowledge about the CEE ecosystem and network in the region.

During the program, startups have participated in a Role Playing Game where they have emulated Silicon Valley most legendary investors in order to express constructive criticism and understand better the VC point of view.

After every Fire Side Chat top 6 startups fro a given country have moved on to our meet-up stage with an specially crafted set of workshops fitting their needs. We have celebrated our top 6 from every chapter durign an online Demo Day! 

Understand Polish market!

Poland’s economic growth is projected to decelerate to 0.7% in 2023 due to various factors. However, the country is looking towards accelerating its development over the next decade with the help of investment in innovation. Startups can get here realy a lot!

Explore Hungarian opportunities!

Hungary’s economy has several strengths, such as a culture of scientific innovation, innovative talent, and proximity to large European markets. The country is focusing on fueling its start-up ecosystem to leverage these strengths for future economic growth.

Meet the potential of Slovakia!

Find out how Slovak ecosystem got on a track towards top CEE economy! We will showcase you how transformative technologies and digital, ESG and clean-tech. The country determines it future mainly in high value-added projects and RnD investments. Our V4FireSideChat startups prove that 10/10!

Learn about Czechia!

Czechia is aiming to become a hotbed of economic modernization, developing technologies of the future that will drive its economic success. The country ranks 24th in the Global Innovation Index 2022, reflecting its strong performance in innovation outputs.

V4 FireSide Chat

  • 10 startups participate in the online  Bootcamp Fire Side Chat – a gamified format where the startups face various challenges focused on the startup ecosystem. Players will be evaluated afterward and during the game.
  • After the  Bootcamp Fire Chat Jury selects 6 winners, they will then move on to the online Meetup stage
  • During the Meetup stage, our six best startups participate in the workshops delivered by leading country ecosystem experts! 
  • After the Meetup stage, one best solution out of six participants will be selected during online Demo Day. The winner will obtain one to one mentoring session with an experienced project partner as a reward.
  • During the V4FireSide Chat, you’ll meet key ecosystem players, experts, and VC representatives!

The V4 FireSide Chat legacy of 2023

Poland was the host of the first chapter of last year (2023). V4🔥FireSide Chat in Poland has brought a new toolkit and a startup catalog to remember from our inaugural chapter!

In later 2023 the Program moved to Hungary. Here you will find soon the Toolkit with information about the startup ecosystem in Hungary!

Our third chapter took place in Slovakia, a home of top green-tech and cyber-security solutions. Here you can find the Slovak toolkit containing some pro-tips for all startup founders from our Slovak Chapter!

In Czech Republic we landed the project in early 2024 with our last chapter – taking care mostly of AI-driven startups.  Check our Czech toolkit and watch some of the best keynotes of the whole program.

What startups have gained with V4FireSideChat?


Map, learn and consider best accelerators in V4 fitting your needs

Venture Capital and Grants

Meet, approach & attract international VC funds and angels investors, understand the rich equity-free grants’ offer as high as Eur 2M


Let #V4ATB highlight your company
vis-a-vis media & opinion leaders 

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See our startups from the Slovak Chapter!

See our startups from the Czech Chapter!

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