The project is co-financed by the Governments of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable
regional cooperation in Central Europe.

About the V4 FireSide Chat

If you are a startup from one of the V4 countries in the pre-seed and seed stage, you should apply for this program. Thanks to us, you will be prepared for your next meeting with the investor! 

V4 FireSide Chat is an online programme that invites startups from the CEE region to take part in the engaging project during which you’ll have the chance to gain hands-on experience in leading business meetings with investors.

10 participating startups will expand their knowledge about the CEE ecosystem and network in the region.

During the programme, startups will face a set of challenges. Each participant will obtain personal feedback with valuable clues. 

After the FireSide Chat 6 best startups will move on to the Meet-up stage with an especially crafted set of workshops fitting their needs. The V4 Fireside Chat ends with the Demo Day. 

Meet VC experts from different V4 countries!

V4 FireSide Chat runs four different recruitments. The first one, in Poland, hosted 10 top-notch startups! Now we call for the Hungarian Chapter! The deadline is on Nov.15th 23:59 Budapest time!

V4 FireSide Chat

  • 10 startups participate in the online  Bootcamp Fire Side Chat – a gamified format where the startups face various challenges focused on the startup ecosystem. Players will be evaluated afterward and during the game.
  • After the  Bootcamp Fire Chat Jury selects 6 winners, they will then move on to the online Meetup stage
  • During the Meetup stage, our six best startups participate in the workshops delivered by leading country ecosystem experts! 
  • After the Meetup stage, one best solution out of six participants will be selected during online Demo Day. The winner will obtain one to one mentoring session with an experienced project partner as a reward.
  • During the V4FireSide Chat, you’ll meet key ecosystem players, experts, and VC representatives!

What will you gain?


Map, learn and consider best accelerators in V4 fitting your needs

Venture Capital and Grants

Meet, approach & attract international VC funds and angels investors, understand the rich equity-free grants’ offer as high as Eur 2M


Let #V4ATB highlight your company

Here you can find the Toolkit with information on pitch deck and investments from the Polish Chapter!

See our startups from the Polish Chapter!

V4 Fireside Chat Partners