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V4 global — export readiness programme

The V4 Global – Export Readiness programme`s mission is to help LifeScience businesses to manage globalisation successfully – by putting them into the right environment where they can learn from experts, build a professional network and develop their skills. Check out more here! 

Huawei Startup Challenge

#HuaweiStartupChallenge is a startup excellence program organized by Startup Hub Poland Foundation with the support of Huawei. We want to gather in Poland talents ready to face urging social, technological, and environmental problems of today and tomorrow.

Check out the website:


ORLEN Inventor Tech Day

The ORLEN Tech Day is a one-day event organized by PKN ORLEN (the largest company in CEE) in order to connect startups with PKN ORLEN specialists.

It’s an opportunity to meet with PKN ORLEN experts and present details of your project that corresponds with our areas of interests.

Check out the website:


Warsaw Booster 2020

It’s an acceleration project for young, andtechnology focused companiesWarsaw Booster aims to provide comprehensive support and improve business competences of startups.

We are more than happy to invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to receive financial support and professional guidance from our experts. You can gain up to 45.000 PLN for participation in the program.

Check out the website: www.warsawbooster20.com

Academic Startup League

An acceleration program that supports innovative, high-tech companies who are developing their business having the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations in mind. This program is aimed at startups from Mazovia, who operate on the market for less than 2 years.

Check out the website: www.startupleague.pl

Startup Hub: Poland Prize

An acceleration program aimed at helping startups from outside of Poland expand to the Polish and other CEE markets.

Between July 2018 and December 2019, the program supported 26 foreign startups in 3 seasons in setting up a business in Poland and then tapping into the rapidly growing Polish market and expanding beyond the country.

The Program is promoted, in terms of its content and financial support, by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development from the European Union funds.

Check out the website: https://startuphub.pl/startup-hub-poland-prize/

InCredibles 2018

In 2018 together with Kulczyk Investment we coordinated Incredibles, an acceleration program targeted at innovative entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe. Within the program the Startup Hub Poland organized a scouting during which 303 startups from 43 countries applied. After that we selected 5 startups (3 Polish and 2 from Czech Republic) for a short acceleration program that finished with December in 2018.

Kyiv Tech Hub 2018 & 2017

The conference was organized by the Startup Hub Poland Foundation together with the Polish Ministry of Investment and Economic Development and Polish Agency for Economic Development. The event was organized two times: in 2017 and 2018. It aimed at linking the elite of Polish VCs, seed capital funds and BA with most disruptive startups and projects from the whole Ukraine.

Do you want to check out it was? Click the links below and look at the videos:

KTH ’17 relation & KTH ’18 relation.

Startup Hub Warsaw 2017 & 2016

A unique acceleration program based in Warsaw for high-tech projects which are distinguished by high commercialization and scaling potential. The Startup Hub Poland Foundation coordinated two seasons of the project: in 2016 and 2017. And during that time, we accelerated almost 50 startups from 25 countries, mainly from the CEE region.



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