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We stand for Hi-Tech Innovation. We invite startups worldwide with good technology and a sound business model to set up teams in Poland, work with our corporate partners, as so to scale-up globally.

 We stand for Diversity. There are more than 500 startups we have promoted up to the year 2022, coming from Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, Germany, UK, US, Austria and 5 other countries with 18 nationalities represented in their teams.


We will set up your growth path in Poland


Together with our international mentors we will give you the best advice on how to expand in Poland and hire the most talented people. We will also use our connections with corporate partners to give you the chance to run a pilot with them.




We will design an end-to-end open innovation program


The world does not stop changing, and corporations need to adjust to the fast-moving environment whilst sticking to their long-term strategies. We will help them to achieve these goals by matching startups with the most advanced technology that meets corporate goals and objectives. To facilitate cooperation between startups and corporations we frequently organize innovation workshops.


Our end game is to create the most innovative ecosystem


Startup Hub Poland is founded with a mission to create in Poland a high-tech hub where great innovations will happen. We are a passionate group of people who wants to embed  international startups into the local startup ecosystem as well as opening new markets for founders who run a company locally.

Did you know that we have been facilitating technological development since 2012?

We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to create an innovation hub by bringing together prominent Polish and international startups with inventors, entrepreneurs and scientists from all over the world.

Dabbel (Germany)

I moved to Poland to validate the potential of the market. Currently, I am hiring a country manager and if everything works out, Poland will be one of the central hubs for Dabbel from where the global business by the core team will be run.

Abel Saminiego, CEO of Dabbel

Spottitt (UK)

Our first Polish connection point was with PSG in Poland for whom we did a paid proof of concept during our Startup Hub: Poland Prize acceleration time. Currently, we are participating in a GovTec tender with Tauron and have this week signed a Memorandum of understanding with Microsoft Poland.

Lucy Kennedy, CEO of Spottitt

Orocon (Latvia)

Poland is the strategic market for Orocon. I see that the level of digitalization is growing here and I think this is the right moment to strike. My plan is to make Poland the base for experimentations to improve the quality of Orocon’s solution.

Aleksandrs Svaikovs, CEO of Orocon

Sensfix (US)

There are two factors that helped Startup Hub Poland convince me to come to Poland. Firstly, corporations that are willing to experiment with startups on hi-tech projects in IoT sectors. The second aspect is the location. I am planning to move my operational center from Silicon Valley and Poland seems to be the best place to make a hub of the CEE operations.

Balaji Renukumar, CEO of Sensfix

Housebook (Austria)

To be honest, a few months ago we did not have a lot of knowledge about the Polish market. But when we came here for Startup Hub: Poland Prize we were surprised how fast the country is growing, how big the real estate market is. We are also astonished about how open and goal-oriented business thinking is in Poland.

Andreas Lovrec, Account Manager of Housebook

Whelp (US)

Before Poland, we had several options: to stay back in the US or to go to South Korea and Germany. Due to the very high setup costs, I decided to go to Poland. I assumed that this is a developed country that focuses on improving the standards in the market especially in terms of customer service. Now I working on the legal paperwork to move my company to Poland.

Seymur Rasulov, CEO of Whelp

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